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RD app - Ameri Muchikawa by YugureMuffin RD app - Ameri Muchikawa by YugureMuffin
Edit: I had forgotten to put her name on the app, but now it's on it xD
:bulletred: Name:
 Ameri Muchikawa
(first name - last name)

Bullet; Red Alias: Nurse Guro
(but it wouldn't matter much if you call her this or her real name, she doesn't care)

Bullet; Red Age:  13

Bullet; Red Birthday:  26 April 

Bullet; Red Gender: Female

Bullet; Red Weapon Choice: Scythe
(she painted it and molded it a bit to make it more to her preferences)

Bullet; Red Opinion On What Is Happening:  "I am utterly excited! This rush feels so good! It's like I'll be seeing a lot of blood." Chuckles. "This is going to be nicely red from now on." 
Yes, she already was a screwed up child before entering the game. She absolutely loves the few of blood. More will be in personality and history.

Bullet; Red Relationships:  She won't feel a tight relationship easily.

Bullet; Red Personality:  She would laugh creepily every first meeting. She talks a lot but is kind of shy. She will try to hurt others. Even the ones she considers friends. Her curiosity in the human body is huge that is tops everything. She isn't social and likes to keep everything about her and therefor also her feelings to herself. She's hard to ge to know.

Bullet; Red Likes/ Dislikes: 
:bulletgreen: Blood
:bulletgreen: Red
:bulletgreen: Disecting
:bulletgreen: Anatomy

:bulletblack: Being told what to do
:bulletblack: Nothingness, because she won't be able to disect something

Bullet; Red History: Ameri as a kid loved disecting things she could chase, like frogs. Her parents saw this as a fase that would go over with growing older. But now at her age 13 (still some kind of child, only in puberty) she hasn't grown out of it and still loves to disect things. She also became interested in human anatomy and would love to break arms or cut people open to see the insides and whatever she could find in there. To know what the limits of the human body are, is her cause. Blood is something she loves to see due to the colour red. Her father began to beat her with every disected animal he would find in the house or near the house. Eventually he began to use belts, sticks and anything he could get his hands on. Her mother broke under this and they decided to get rid of her. She was put away and then she traveled from foster home to foster home. She already had 15 up to now. One or the other even worse then the previous or the later. She never stopped disecting and took all kinds of beatings. Her times in hospital were the most fun times she had. All of her interests could be relieved or she got even further in them. She got a lot of answers on questions about the human body. She thought of growing up to become a nurse. But not to help people, but to kill them in various kinds of ways. Or maybe a surgeon and kill people by "accident". She's still figuring that out.
When her screen lit up with the question if she wanted to play Rabbit Doubt she immediatly pressed yes as there was a rabbit dangling from a cord. This was interesting in her eyes and she wanted to know what would begin. When she then wake up on the cold hard floor, adrenaline rushed through her veins and she became excited because of this "scary" situation. 

Bullet; Red Other: 
:bulletorange: She's a red head.
:bulletorange: She has green-blue eyes.
:bulletorange: Her body is covered in scars and bruises.
:bulletorange: Asexual
:bulletorange: 1m32
:bulletorange: Theme song:…
:bulletorange: Voice: Aoi Yuki :…
shattered-butterfly Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
she's cuttee!!<33. >//u//<
YugureMuffin Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you TvT
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